How we Can Help You

As we begin our walk in faith, we all come from differnt places, while holding onto different life experiences, we are here to listen and help guide.  Anyone seeking the gift of knowledge in faith is welcome to visit this site.  We are here to aid in this journey, in a safe, open and inviting environment.

As we start our journey to provide

this place, we are open to suggestions

and guidance as well.

Future Projects:  Finding a Physical home for Circle of Thought, in Chicago, IL where we can expand to provide a SAFE Physical space for ALL persons of faith to come together and worship in our own ways as well as being forming a unified community to reach out into our community and begin healling those around us.  True equallity and transformation comes from understanding and acceptance of one another.  Understanding and acceptance is only achieved by listening first and then working together.  Through FAITH, in oneself and FAITH in eachother, we CAN overcome these dailey struggles.