thoughts through blog

Everyone has their own personal story, there are four of us here at Circle of Thought, each having had our own, unique journey that got us to where we are now. These journeys are what have set us upon a unified path to provide a safe place for ALL persons from ANY background, and ANY path to come and share in an opportunity to grow while continuing one’s own journey. It is our combined consensus and experiences that have brought us together in this project. I am asking each of the officers to PLEASE share your journey to this point, as to open a dialogue for others to listen and gain whatever knowledge they may find from our personal journeys.  Once anyone has read through these stories, we open the dialogue for others to share their journey and begin to form relationships in a community that will NOT Shun or Question. If anyone has genuine questioning in the process of gaining more knowledge that can be used to continue through one’s journey, then questions are acceptable. What is NOT allowed is criticism or condemnation based on one’s personal journey of faith. All Paths Are Welcome, let’s all use this opportunity to listen, learn and grow with this Community Creating Unity.